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Find your state of comfort in Felicitails for All

Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend has never owned a dog. Animals make people happy and that is the reason we started gathering valuable information and posting inspiring imagery of animals we love. Founded by Lindsay Giguiere, we named it Felicitails (“Happy Tails”) for All as we all just get so much joy when we are greeted with kisses, a wet nose and a wagging tail.

Our ambitions here at Felicitails for All is to create a relevant source of information and inspiration for the modern day pet lover. I must admit that I am a huge dog lover so there will be some favouritism towards pups, but I will try my best to cover all furry friends as we continue to expand.

We are here to share ways to build a safer place for your pets through our holistic approach to help you give your animals the life they deserve… a life free of chemicals, bad food and unnecessary medications.

As a pet owner we should be actively involved in wellness decisions for our furry friends.  It is our responsibility to educate ourselves so we can provide the best life for our pets.  We need to advocate for healthy living and making sure their tails are always happy!

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