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Ways to Manage Matted Dog Hair

I think I spend more money on making sure my dogs’ hair is perfectly coiffed than on my own. Just like it takes work to make our hair look good, it takes effort to keep our dog’s coat looking its best as well.  Even if you have a groomer brushing your dog out regularly, matting can and will occur. If you like ...

Dog Ear Cleaning Guide

Your dog’s ears. Some may be floppy; some may stick straight up. No matter what kind of ears your furry friend has, keeping them clean is essential for the health and wellness of your pet.  Even though you may regularly take your dog to a groomer, you still need to understand how to clean your dog’s ears, how ...

Nail Trimming Tips

This is important information because you can’t just cut a dog’s nails without understanding the various parts. PetMD tells us the “quick” is the center portion of the nail that contains blood vessels and nerves. If you don’t know what you’re doing and you cut the “quick”, it can cause a lot of pain ...

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