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Dog Growling and What It Means

It doesn’t matter how cute a dog is; growling and sharp teeth showing are scary. Growls, however,  aren’t just a sign of danger or fear and aren’t always bad. What’s your dog trying to tell you? suggests dogs communicate fear, insecurity, guarding behavior, offensive aggression, and play ...

Dog Walking Problems & Solutions

It can be pretty entertaining watching a dog owner walk an untrained dog. I can only say that because I walk two untrained dogs and can only imagine people’s thoughts as I untangle myself from leashes, curse, and look like I’ve been through a tornado. While we think it’s humorous because we can relate, the ...

Crate Training 101

To create, or not to crate? That is the question. If you’ve raised a dog before, you know the importance of utilizing a crate. From potty training to ensuring your house doesn’t get destroyed when you’re not home, I think you can guess my answer.  If you’ve never had a dog, specifically a puppy, you may ...

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